Better knock-ins.

Better cell lines.

Better science.

Better knock-ins.

Better cell lines.

Better science.

Did you miss our October webinar on Gene Editing?

You can watch it on-demand here!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the current challenges in creating custom gene-edited cell lines
  • Know the technology underlying the FAST-HDR gene-editing system, including its use with CRISPR
  • Be able to describe the advantages of the FAST-HDR system
  • Learn about several case studies using gene-edited cell lines
ExpressCells Gene Editing Webinar

Improve your research. ExpressCells uses CRISPR and its patented plasmid system to create knock-in cell lines that fit your experiments.

  • Cell lines delivered 2-3 months faster than competing knock-in technologies

  • Up to 3 genes inserted in the same cell

  • Your choice of tagging, overexpression models, and point mutations. We can mix the types of knock-ins in the same cell.

  • We control quality by making each cell line in our own labs in Philadelphia, PA, USA

“The ExpressCells CRISPR-edited cell line contributed greatly to our COVID-19 related work and will eventually lead to a publication. Not only did ExpressCells deliver the cells quickly, the CRISPR-edited cell pool exhibited such high level overexpression that a clonal cell line was not required. We appreciate the quality of ExpressCells‘ work and their team’s responsiveness.”


Aaron Sato, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Twist Biosciences

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