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With the FAST-HDR plasmid vector system, ExpressCells can knock multiple fluorescent reporter genes into a single cell line, reducing—or eliminating entirely—the need for fixation, staining, and immunofluorescence in high-content or high-throughput screening. Seamlessly follow the effects of your screening libraries on multiple, endogenously expressed proteins, whether in target- or phenotype-based assays. And follow these effects over time, in living cells.

Custom Cell Line Development Services

ExpressCells can deliver a custom cell line with a single customer-defined knock-in in just 25% of the time required with conventional approaches.

Tag multiple proteins of interest with fluorescent or luminescent reporters in one of our cell lines or one you provide. Specify a single, custom knock-in in one of our pre-tagged backbone cell lines and we’ll deliver a cell line with as many as three reporter knock-ins in as little as 30 days.

Whether in target- or phenotype-based assays, follow biologic processes over time. Cell lines created with our FAST-HDR plasmid vector system can speed your workflow by reducing or eliminating entirely the need for fixation, staining, and immunofluorescence. 

Endogenous ATP5B tagged with mTagBFP2, Histone 3.3 with mRuby3, and β-tubulin with mClover3.
Cells selected with a mix of Zeocin™, puromycin, and blasticidin.

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